The Forum

Westminster College’s student news organization


The Forum is Westminster College’s independent student-run news organization, which provides print, photojournalism, video and podcast news content to its students, alumni, faculty and the Sugar House community. The organization looks to provide quality news coverage and commentary in an unbiased, consistent, truthful and thorough manner across its various platforms.

Mobile Experience

Many members of The Forum’s target demographic don’t engage with the news content because of low awareness. And although more than half of the organization’s users come to the website on their phones, those who do engage don’t have an optimal mobile experience.


The Forum


Web | Design | Print


8 Months


Jesse C. | Taylor S.

Color Palette 


The Forum Blue


Background Color


Alternate BG Color


Bronze Accent


Primary Font

Josefin Sans

Secondary Font

Ovo Regular

Body Print Font

Adobe Caslon Pro


The Forum’s website needs to appeal to a group of mostly young news consumers between the ages of 18 and 25, who are bombarded with noise at every turn. For this reason, we kept the website highly visual, yet simple, and linked back to the organization’s social media accounts to ensure the audience could find other ways to engage.

The Forum already had a well-established brand, so we looked to maintain recognition across digital and print platforms and keep its sleek, modern appeal — but we freshened the brand up a bit with a widened color pallet. 

Website UX & UI

Above all, we worked to ensure the website was highly usable across all platforms and conducted dozens of user tests across mobile, desktop and tablets to understand how the users wants to consume news. Now, no matter where they come from, The Forum’s new website ensures users have an optimal reading experience.

Brand Identity

The Forum’s newly-designed website and refreshed brand identity have transformed the organization from a blog-like brand to a professional news source that radiates its core values of transparency and trust. 


Forward thinking brand design

In a media landscape where news consumers are barreling toward mobile readership, the highly mobile site ensures The Forum is ahead of the curve and can bring in new consumers while keeping its old ones engaged.

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