Posca Pop

Pop the Top & Sip History


Posca Pop is a local cane vinegar drink company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The organization sells its products mostly to local grocery stores and bars. 


Posca Pop


Package Design | Brand | Logo


6 Weeks


Jesse Cervantes

Color Palette 


Gold Accent


Primary Color


Secondary Color


Green Accent


Primary Font

Trajan Pro 3 

Secondary Font

Sign Painter

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Ovo Regular


Within the Salt Lake City market, there are a number of active, trendy, health-conscious consumers who considered themselves part of the wellness craze before it grew in popularity. 

Posca may no longer be a common household beverage. But as Posca Pop looks to make it one, it can harken back to the drink’s storied history in ancient Rome, when soldiers consumed the refreshment to stay hydrated during wartime.

Brand Research

To develop Posca Pop’s brand, we looked to target Salt Lake City’s health-conscious consumers through a balanced juxtaposition of a modern identity with an old history. For the label, we employed a mix of high contrast blacks and whites with gold foil, delivering a distinct brand image with each drink flavor. This visually striking imagery — which is simultaneously classic and cutting edge — helps differentiate the organization from its competitors and establishes Posca Pop as something special amidst the noise of other wellness-oriented products. 

Packaging Design

The original label was conservative for the brand, but the organization gave us leeway to beef up the concept and make it stand out from the crowd. On Posca Pop’s print advertisements, we played off a sense of the product’s history, balancing ancient Roman visuals with a modern feel.

Brand Research

The copy merges the two identities, marketing the drink as “Timelessly Refreshing” and offering consumers the chance to “Pop the Top & Sip History.”

Brand Identity & Drinking History

Overall, the client was overjoyed with the outcome, and only minimal revisions were needed to achieve the final product. Our final design concept blended the drink’s history with Posca Pops’ brand and its target consumers — providing the brand with a threefold competitive advantage among other cane sugar drinks. Ultimately, offering the organization’s health-conscious consumers something timeless and with a strong visual identity will ensure Posca Pop is the drink they’ll choose among the noise.

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