My Mini Casa

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My Mini Casa is a family-focused company that sells, rents, buys and delivers shipping containers. The organization is dedicated to creating opportunity and inspiring others to build their dream of becoming independent business owners. 

“My Mini Casa’s already has a well-established target market but is looking for ways to grow its demographic moving forward.”


My Mini Casa


Web | Design | Brand


4 Months


Jesse C. | Taylor S.

Color Palette 


Orange Accent


Background Color


Alternate BG Color


Jet Black


Primary Font

Acier Bat

Secondary Font

Open Sans Bold

Body Font

Open Sans


Because part of My Mini Casa’s business is teaching agents how to sell shipping containers, the company also needs a way to streamline the process for new hires — making it easy for them to learn everything from how to become an agent to how to make their first sale.

We employed a number of creative strategies to help bring My Mini Casa’s brand vision to life, building a website complete with a logo, stationery suite, video and more to complete the company’s brand and shape its public perception. To help My Mini Casa as it works to build its client base, we improved the user interface design on the website to make it highly intriguing to new users, as well as to appeal to current ones.

Website UX & UI

The final website is sleek, mobile-friendly and authentic, emphasizing both the company’s products and its core mission. To streamline the process for new agents, we employed design for optimum mobile responsiveness on My Mini Casa’s website. Because agents use their phones to run their business, a mobile responsive website was imperative for the company.

Brand Growth

Our final products appeal to multiple demographics — current users and potential ones, as well as current and potential agents — to ensure the organization is well-prepared as it heads into the next phase of growth.

The right solution through multiple iterations.

With a strong and consistent brand presence, the deliverables are visually stimulating and appealing. But they never sacrifice beauty for functionality, and they always harken back to My Mini Casa’s values and mission.

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